What the hell is CHAPATTI and why should I go see it?


What makes you decide to plan an evening at the theatre? What makes you take time out of your busy life to find a babysitter; skip the movies; slog through rain or snow; squeeze onto uncomfortable seats; listen to someone ask you for MORE money on top of the dough you just put down?


And speaking of dough, why would I go see a show called CHAPATTI? Isn’t that some kind of bread? What does that have to do with the ‘Love Wins’ season?



This is an attempt to answer some of those questions. You showing up to see a Mother Road Theatre production is a blessing to me, and even after all these years, a mystery. Don’t get me wrong: I’m very proud of the theatre we’ve made and watching you come in droves to see ALL IS CALM made my heart sing. But trying to figure out what will entice you our way makes my head spin. So we just follow our theatrical journey play by play, creating and sharing what we think is special.


So far in our ‘Love Wins’ season, you’ve met Lotty from ENCHANTED APRIL, who believed so strongly in love that she spread it generously and magically over all the people in her life until they believed in it as well.

You’ve met the soldiers of ALL IS CALM who let love lead them into peace for a brief moment during the First World War.



Now, you meet Dan and Betty.

Dan has a dog-named Chapatti. Betty has a houseful of cats. Dan and Betty have lived long, lonely lives. They meet. That meeting changes their lives and we get to see whether they choose love. I’ve made reference to this play before as if it were a sweet love story but actually, that doesn't describe it. It is wonderful Irish storytelling, which means our characters have great depth, great humor and a very bumpy road to travel. Doesn’t that sound a little like our own life? Aren’t we characters with lots of baggage, living day-by-day trying to love and be loved?


Will love win?


Come to the Keshet Center for the Arts starting February 5th and find out. If you come on opening, you can indulge in another great Irish tradition… drinking beer.


Julia Thudium - Artistic Director - Mother Road Theatre Company


CHAPATTI runs February 5-21 at the Keshet Center for the Arts

Thursday February 4th is a Preview. All tickets $15

Thursdays – Saturdays 7:30pm

Sundays 2:00pm


Tickets: $22 General Admission

$20 Seniors/Military/ATG/TLC

$15 Students

Thursdays all tickets $15

(505) 243-0596