Greetings, Council Members: 

As usual we will hold our annual spring meeting at the What The Heck Supper Club. Now hold yer horses, I can hear ya yellin' from here. The food this year will not be supplied by the What The Heck. I repeat, the food will NOT come from Wayne Heck's kitchens. Contrary to what you may have heard, the state health department did not renew his food license. Our own Hannah from the Spitfire Grill is sending over some grub for the meeting. Wayne will be supplying free beer and wine as penance for making us all sick last year.

As a reminder, this annual meeting is where we decide which public works will be funded for the following year.

Now, you'll need to buy yer raffle tickets before we'll allow you to join the meeting. Upon purchasing yER tickets I'll confirm with you what committee yER on and what public work yER supporting so we can seat you with your fellow committee members.

Remember, your committee chair has already prepared yER committee's proposition; the Chair will be the one to present the proposition and to sing at the Karaoke. (Wayne's allowed to sing as well but only because he refuses to let us use the What The Heck unless he gets to host Karaoke.) The rest of you just eat, drink and participate in democracy. 

As a special treat for the council meeting this year, The "God's Gift to Gilead Players" will be putting on a special performance at the high school auditorium. Business must be done before we dismiss folks to the performance! (I hear it's a musical!) Wayne said he'll keep the bar open all night so everyone can come back for dessert. The players said they'd stop by after the show too!

To learn what yer purchase will get ya, AND BUY YOUR TICKETS, please click on the ticket below. And remember,  you can only put yer toes in the What The Heck pool, you can't actually swim in it!

- Judy Mars, Mayor of Gilead and owner of Mars Cheese Castle