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Jen Stephenson has considered herself an artist since she began writing skits for her and her younger brother to perform for their parents in order to lobby for being able to stay up later on the weekends. Since then, she has reveled in the combination of entertainment and advocacy that acting, most especially theatre acting, lends itself to. Having found a home with Mother Road in 2015, she has grown (with Mother Road and the company) artistically, in all sorts of fun ways.







Politically, she finds more crossover between art and activism everyday, focusing that energy towards an advocacy group she is on the leadership committee for, SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice) as well as in the stage projects she puts energy in to. 


Jen became an actor because, at the time, it was the only thing she ever knew that she was good at. Jen now considers herself an artist, because in addition to the passion she has about creation, she now also has a point of view.


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Jen has acted in 5 Mother Road shows to date, and works box office/handles the volunteers for most shows we produce! Additionally, some of her best friends in the world reside at Mother Road; yet another reason why Mother Road has always felt like coming home. 

All Production photos Marge/John Maio or Jason Ponic